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I became an expert in weight loss over a ten year period by trying lots of diets and methods to lose weight. I could always lose weight, but would put the weight back on, and more, each time the diet finished. This I later found out was typical of a yo-yo diet. In the summer of 1999 I discovered the Herbalife products. My husband, Martin, and I were looking for a home business.

By taking the Herbalife products I lost 2 stone (12 Kg) in a short period. This was a good result, but better still I have maintained this weight loss since, plus my energy and general wellbeing are much better.

In recent years we have adopted Herbalife's healthy active lifestyle and regularly exercise, as well as being part of a Fit Camp in the Woking / Guildford area in Surrey. (

Since 1999 we have been successfully supporting and advising clients on also adopting a healthy active lifestyle with a 80% focus on diet. We support clients across the UK, not just around Woking and Surrey.

These results are not necessarily typical. Individual results will vary. The Herbalife weight management programme can help slimming or weight loss only as part of a calorie controlled diet.

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Lynne and Martin Congreve

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Lynne and Martin Congreve

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