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Herbalife Links
The main Herbalife website is
The UK version is
The UK Member support site
Worldwide Social Media assets
For nutrition advice see
For scientific based nutrition information
Herbalife nutrition information
Shake Recipes
Nile Wilson Fitness Videos

Business Tools
The basic Tanita Scales are BC543 or BC730. With a bigger budget we recommend the RD-953. Order from, discount code Herbalife15.
You can get flyers, posters, banners etc. from Herbalife. There are also a number of third party companies supplying similar.

Getting a Website
You can get a free site from See GoHerbalife.
You can integrate this with PayPal, so clients can order directly. The products can be shipped by Herbalife or by the member.
A good place to register a domain name is You can then forward this domain to your GoHerbalife site.

Business Advice
DSL Accountants have worked with Herbalife for a long time and are very helpful. They have booklets and DVDs to cover basis business and accountancy requirements. See

Solopress ( and Good Time Print ( both have a good history with Herbalife Members.
Able Labels ( are great for sticky labels to put on products and mailed items.

Personal Development
Knowledge is King ( specialise in books and DVDs for personal development. are excellent for all books and DVDs.
See the Personal Development page for specific books and DVDs.